Different Styles Of Tying A Saree

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First of all, put on a petticoat tightly around your waist and take the inner end of the saree. Starting from left side, tuck the upper edge of it into your petticoat in front and a little bit more towards right hand side by leaving the remaining saree towards left side. Check the lower edge of the saree leveled with the ground. 

Now bring the loose (other) end of the saree towards your right hand side around back by tucking the upper edge of it into the petticoat till one fourth if right side. 

Based on your height and taste, leave the end portion of the saree which is called 'pallu' and place it over your left shoulder. This upper boarder should slant across the bust from under the right arm to over the left shoulder. After making the pallu, a large portion of the saree is left. Turn this remaining saree into around 7 to 10 with the equal breadth starting from your left hand side. 

Pleating needs both the hands, with the right hand holding the pleats and the left, supporting the forefinger at one edge and thumb pinkie at the other edge of your body. After pleating, arrange them one behind the other. The last one should be little broader than the rest. Pull them up slightly for its smooth look and tuck them a bit more towards left side. Make the lower end of the saree leveled with the ground as the gracefulness of the saree depends mainly on these pleats. Getting a fall stitched on the saree bottom ensures a better drape. 

Finally you can leave the pallu on your left hand fully without folds with which you can exhibit the loveliness of your saree pallu. You can also make it stand on the shoulder itself by turning it into pleats. We can make it firm with the help of a safety pin by attaching it to your blouse.

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Different Styles Of Tying A Saree

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This article was published on 2010/03/27