Kanjivaram saree – a traditional outfit

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Kanjivaram sarees are known as the well known conventional saree of Tamilnadu. A woman of Tamilnadu enjoys wearing this kind of saree because of their outstanding beauty and comfort in all occasions. The rich silk fabrics, the elaborate weaving designs and the borders are popular all over the world. Generally the designs on the entire body of the sari are made with gold thread and have different patterns on it ranging from figures to temples along the border. Women in the Tamilnadu preferred to wear Kanjivaram along with the beautifully designed blouse on special occasions especially for marriages. The blouse has short sleeves and a low neck. It can be designed with embroidered or mirror work to make it look more attractive and stylish so that it can be worn in various occasions.

Basically, the length of a saree ranges from four to nine metres long. However, the style and the material of wearing the Kanjivaram saree differ from place to place. The two common fabric used in the manufacturing saris are cotton and silk. The fabrics that are used in the preparation of sarees are silk saree, tissue saree, cotton saree and etc.

The Kanjivaram sares are available in various colours which includes black, blue, brown, magenta, lavender, maroon, peach, pink, blue, orange, red, silver, gold, yellow, turquoise and etc.

To wrap a Kanjivaram is an art but preserving the saree is something that requires more attention. Generally these kinds of sarees should be put for dry clean. The most common style to wear is to wrap it around the waist with other end of the drape worn over the shoulder. The saree is worn over the matching in-skirts. The Brahmin community people wear Kanjivaram sarees in a different way without wearing the lower skirt. The length of the saree is longer with nine yards than the normal one. The more gorgeous saree you wear, the wealthier you flaunt.

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Kanjivaram saree – a traditional outfit

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This article was published on 2010/09/20